Monday, January 11, 2016

"Flying Cockroaches?" (January 4, 2016)

thats right....flying cockroaches exist here in argentina. right when you thought cockroaches couldnt get any scarier....THEY FLY. and they make an awful crunchy noise when you kill it! haha

After Fast Sunday
so HAPPY NEW YEAR. this year is going to be such a blast!! so on new years eve we were allowed to stay out until 6 but on new years day we stayed in the whole day. so we planned, fixed the area book and when there was nothing left to do we exercised for an hour or so and talked about life and our future life goals :)
hna lopez is great :)

haha so here are a few crazy things that have happened.
on monday(last week) we went to a new inv. she is from the dominican republic and talks wayyy fast.well we went to her and she ended up taking us to buy ice cream! but at the end she never let us say one word about the gospel she just likes us because we arent argentine...hahaha

about jimena, we havet been able to find her, shes always working and never home but we will keep on trying!

and monica. she is reading the book of mormon again! and loves learning about the plan of salvation. this week we planned on eating my last can on refired beans that mom sent me in my last package. i brought them over to her house but her boyfriend was over....(ojo) and so we couldnt eat them but i left them at her house....we had plans on saturday to paint her house and do service but we went and she wasnt home
Monica, her baby, and their hamster
and since then we havent gotten a hold of her. (she was just using me for my beans) haha but we will see what happened. hopefully they didnt eat them without me. but if they did there are always more in the states right? so what are ya gonna do... 

carmen (the lady with the tree branches) is a promising new. we taught her and talked about trusting in god. we emphasized the importance of looking for the truth and she agreed she would pray and ask god if the chruch was true! so we will verify this week.

funny thought, on wednesday we were very stressed so we bought ice cream and played on the teeter totter for like 2 minutes. it felt great! sometimes you just got to relax! 

wow another year down im so grateful for this year. its been absolutley crazy, many hard times and many miracles. but im so grateful to be back here in the field. it was by far the best decision i made last year. the new year is one of my favorite holidays becuase you can look back on how you have progressed the last year and motivate yourself to do much good in the year to come. at midnight when the clock turned twelve its a magical moment! maybe im crazy and make it a bigger deal then it is but i love the new year with new starts.
so with that in mind i read moses 5:58 yesturday. and i was impressed that well, the first calling we have is to be parents like adam and eve. but the second calling is to teach and preach the gospel. it is a sacred calling the we missionaries have. one of first callings given to man in the beginning of the history of earth! so we need to treat this calling with reverence and humilty. and also continue to teach the gospel of christ to our friends and future family. declare the gospel with love, understanding, and diligence! 
set goals to share the gospel and uphold this calling that each member of the true church has!
Sitting on a tree chair
have a great week everyone! i love you all. stay strong and happy!! 
hna sanders

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