Monday, January 11, 2016

"living amongst the bugs of argentina" (December 28, 2015)

another day another destiny!! (name that song)

so we have entered summer! and you know that because we live spraying "off" on our bodies and spraying raid every 10 minutes. haha im meeting many new bugs here. im thankful for pest control and bug spray.
Christmas Morning
well this week was crazy! on wednesday we had divisions with the sisters. with hna valencia and hna ribeiro (de brasil) we had bought a stuffed chicken to share with them for the christmas :) and we shared a kilo of ice cream!

then on thursday afternoon they left and hna lopez and i made our way to san nicolas to spend xmas with the hnas there! that night (the 24th) we had 2 dinners!!! and we got back and then at midnight everyone and their mom started setting off fireworks. we ran onto the balcony and watch the whole city sky light up. it was so beautiful! then we went to bed...santa came and we opened up a few gifts that we exchanged haha and we went to eat lunch with a family and then to the skype!!! talked to the parents then ate asado!! so you could say i had a christmas one should always have. with lots of food!! it was so nice being welcomed by families who didnt even know us into their home on this special holiday! :)
in terms of the work here in ramallo! we are finding alot of new people to teach! jimena was busy witht the holiday and all.
Banished to the other room
on wednesday during divisions, hna ribeiro and i we were walking when we saw and elderly lady (but very fit) dragging a HUGE tree branch. we ran to help her and then continued helping her with the tree branches that had fallen down because of a storm. we went into her house and helped her open her new fridge and clean her new house she just moved into. :) we shared a message about the christmas and then left. it was super fun and we loved serving! but thats not the end! later that night we went to visit a member. turns out is was HER MOM that we helped! so thats a sign right? haha it was cool
well heres a funny story!
this week one of my goals is to have awesome workouts in the morning! im struggling on my six weeks to sexy haha but i put my tennis shoes next to my bed all ready for the morning. we wake up and i starting working out. im doing super well and sweating good! well right as im finishing, our neighbors that live under us yell from the window and say "could you please stop we re trying to sleep!!!! che!" hahahaha definitly didnt think that one tomorrow i will go into the other room. 🙈
spiritual thought
so this last week i started to read the book of mormon in english for the first time on my mission! (i read it in the mtc but that doesnt count) and ive been noticing so many new things! well as i was reading i loved this scripture. "wherefore all mankind were in a lost and fallen state, and ever would be save they should rely on this redeemer" (1 nefi 10:6) it reminded me of the talk by holland "where justice love and mercy meet". at one point he says is the destiny of mankind to fall endlessly with no hope of relief and no hope of being saved? NO! 
the world we live in is fallen. it means that it is going further and further away from god due to sin and pride. going back to the scripture, we are all lost and fallen unless we trust in the savior. HE is our hope of relief and salvation. HE is the means of which we can return to the presecnce of our Heavenly Father. so it is true, if we dont accept him or trust him we will be lost for ever and fell without ever getting back up. but He is there for us and will always be ready to catch us and lift us up when we make the decision to accept him. :)
hope you all have a wonderful week and that all your new years resolutions are centered on christ and coming closer to him. :)
love you all!
hna sanders

My destroyed feet hahaha
Family 1 for Christmas
Full Moon
Making Banana Bread

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