Monday, January 25, 2016

"Here is Ramallo Pueblo for 6 more weeks!" (January 12, 2016)

so let me just be direct in this email this week. i freaking love the mission and im honestly so confused why or how i could be so happy! this week was full of miracles but meanwhile i get the biggest pimple of my life right in the center of my forehead, and stomach issues, and..wait for it...LICE. never in my life i thought i would be one to get lice but it happened and its noooot fun. haha but hey all these things are superficial. :) its embarrassing but hey, its the mission life. haha
welp im staying here for another 6 weeks and at first i wasnt too excited because this isnt the easiest ever haha. every area has its pros and cons :) but the day after transfers changed my whole perspective! literally, sunday on monday was full of miracles. i feel it was the way that god told me he has big things planned for this area this transfer haha
the week was pretty normal, we worked hard, a lady weeding her sidewalk saw us apporach and after we said hi she ran into her house and never came back out, and things like that haha!! but we also painted monicas rejas (?)(forgot the word in English) which was fun, and all that jazz. on sunday after church i discovered the whole lice issue but after that we went to teach silvia and miguel. we havent been visiting them very much becuase they stopped progressing but we passed by this night with the intent to teach word of wisdom. the house nearby was playing very loudly plan b, which is a spanish band so we felt prompted to teach the gospel of jesus christ. anywasy it turned out to be the best lesson ever! my compy shared perfect scriptures. we learned more about their doubts about the church and now we know what we need to teach them! they both prayed!!! which was a miracle. (miguel never had prayed with us before) and they both accepted a bapstismal date!
on monday we had to go to san nicolas to say bye to an hermana and pick up her compy, hna cabrera from ecuador! she has 9 months and is such a great misioary. shes training and has to wait till wednesday to pic up her newbie. on our way back to ramallo, a man came and sat next to us and asked us to come to his house to teach him and his family!! his name is miguel so please pray for him. we have an appt for saturday! 
after that in the afternoon we went to visit the twins again! we previously stopped teaching them, well we talked about our purpose of missionaries (to help people be baptized unto repentance) and she said she was ready for a baptsim!!! so now one of the twins named fiama has a date for the 6 of february!!! her sister wasnt there so we will see them again wednesday!!
on our way back from their house we visited a lady who recently was reactivated. at the beginning she said she never prays in front of people but at the end she, herself, offered to say the prayer!
entonces! ramallo pueblo esta progresando! haha theres hope here after all! we just have to hit the pavement and get to work! but i just want everyone to know the miracles do exist and they are happening everywhere here in pueblo! hahaha
painting monicas rejas
weve been studying a ton about the power of prayer in conversion. its a commandment to pray. today hna cabrera said that commandments are just an excuse to bless us! haha but its true. when we live the commandments we are promised blessings. so with this commandment to pray we need to do its every morning, every night, and if you read alama 34 :26, constantly... haha well we should try to kneel down and pray at least 2 times a day but every moment of every day we need to have a prayer in our heart. i just want to share a few scriptures i loved about this. well first off, one blessing of prayer is the ability to resist temptation. DyC 10:5. god wants to fight our battles with us. psalm 59:9. and he wants us to know that he has our back and has prepared a way for us to return to him. (hymn 145) well i just love the words to this hymn. i hope you all do too.
i invite all of you to exercise sincere and meaningful prayer this week. that means on your knees, and pouring out yourheart in thanks, or in sorrow whatever youre feeling, tell our heavenly father. everyday we can have spiritual experiences that help us grow. well have a great week!! love you all!
hna sanders

Lyrics prayer is the souls sincere desire

  1. 1. Prayer is the soul's sincere desire,
    Uttered or unexpressed,
    The motion of a hidden fire
    That trembles in the breast.
  2. 2. Prayer is the burden of a sigh,
    The falling of a tear,
    The upward glancing of an eye
    When none but God is near.
  3. 3. Prayer is the simplest form of speech
    That infant lips can try;
    Prayer, the sublimest strains that reach
    The Majesty on high.
  4. 4. Prayer is the Christian's vital breath,
    The Christian's native air,
    His watchword at the gates of death;
    He enters heav'n with prayer.
  5. 5. Prayer is the contrite sinner's voice,
    Returning from his ways,
    While angels in their songs rejoice
    And cry, "Behold, he prays!"
  6. 6. The Saints in prayer appear as one
    In word and deed and mind,
    While with the Father and the Son
    Their fellowship they find.
  7. 7. Nor prayer is made on earth alone:
    The Holy Spirit pleads,
    And Jesus at the Father's throne
    For sinners intercedes.
  8. 8. O thou by whom we come to God,
    The Life, the Truth, the Way!
    The path of prayer thyself hast trod;
    Lord, teach us how to pray.

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